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These are the 2 foals that were born in the 2019 season.  I feel really impressed with the type of foal that I am breeding now, both are beautiful leopards.  It has been a delight to handle and mould these lovely appaloosas into horses that people will love to have.   




This loudly spotted leopard colt foal, Casper,  has a wonderful nature. He has a beautiful head and has picked up his dam’s lovely confirmation. He has that wow feature. Any one who comes here just has to stop and look at him, I even had some people driving along the road who had to stop and take photos of him.  March 2019

strider-an-mares2  strider-an-mares1  strider-an-mares4  strider-an-mares3
Strider and his merry band of mares that he has this year. It so cool seeing a group of leopard horses, all together.  We have a lot of days that are so windy, this spring, as you can see from the last two photos.    November 2016

Group  Group9  Grouo2  Group2
Group8  Group7  Group3  Group6         I sneakily put the mares and foals on the lawn to trim it off a bit, helps to make it easier to mow, right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The foals are progressing well.     March 2016

Pipi4  12476139_972284382838058_1390579594_n  12506490_972278322838664_824569058_n 12552547_637296716402510_3818504864642801776_n12565352_637288016403380_1073043662489036228_n  12511743_972285096171320_1346648754_n
DayDream  Rhythum N Ice (aka) Pipi.          November 2015
Lee has been surprised at how accepting that Pipi was, when starting to back her.
Lee thought that maybe Pipi had been backed before, but she hadn’t. Lee says that Pipi is such a wonderful mare and is very happy with her.
February 2016.       Pipi has come forward in leaps and bounds and has taken to jumping like a fish to water.  She is adapatable to either English or Western style riding, one of the wonderful traits of this beautiful breed.


ddtakoda4  ddtakoda5  ddtakoda2  ddtakoda
This is the stunning  DayDream Takoda.  Our first highly coloured A Grade colt.  He has a pedigree of spotted bloodlines going back through his dam, DayDream Sparkling Duet.  Takoda has a very laid back attitude and took all of his handling experiences with a grain of salt.  When it came to learning to load on the float he just had a look and then walked in and backed of quietly when asked.  Tying up was a breeze and he just stood there and had a sleep once he realised that he was attached to the post.  His new owners were so impressed with how laid back he is and said that he handled his float ride exceptionally well.  I really look forward to receiving updates on his devlopment.

ddfloatin  ddfloatin2  ddfloatin3  ddfloatin4
Teaching Whiskey and Takodo to load on the float.  They did very well!


oreo3  oreo4  oreo5  oreo6
A few pics from the ‘brag book’ of Oreo’s new proud owners.  3yrs – Auckland.

shaz5  shaz6  shaz7  shaz8
Shaz being broken in.  He was very sensible and calm for a young horse.  4 yrs – Auckland

Our granddaughter Brooke at her first season of Maunu Pony Club

      Starting Tonto with the grandchildren.  Very calm and collected.

Bell Park Lady Spots at the Whangarei Western Riding Show


Bell Park Lady Spots from the South Island.

Our trip to Queenstown and my daughters wedding.

At the Waiotira Pony Club Open Ribbon Day. Missy and Felicity with all there ribbons and the Reserve Champ. They both did soo well and the weather was great as well with this lovely sunset.

The Northland Champ Show with the Champ and Supreme Champ Ribbons.

Back, with all his buddies, enjoying the play.

Felicity on Safe an Sound (Missy) At the ApHANZ  NATIONALS  March 2011, Ngongataha, Rotorua.

DayDream Black Zorro

DayDream Royal Flash

DayDream Shadow…Dam of DD KB Flicka.               DD KB Flicka at one and 6 years old.

DayDream Diamond Shaz at 12mths old.

Lazy K Diplomatic Image. Being watched over by 2 swallow birds on the fence.

Brooke, nearly 5yrs on Missy
Ashlee on Misty              DD Red Wapiti              Granddaughter Brooke

DayDream Rhythum N Ice
Scotties Pride N Joy   P&R Hollywoods Image    Safe an Sound

Brooke on stallion, Rock N Roll Chief.


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