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DayDream White Scooby…… SOLD
Born March 2019. Black fewspot colt.
Sire – DayDream Rock N Roll.  Dam – DayDream Black Spook.
Scooby was born late in the season and had the bad luck to be born when we were having a drought. Hence he hasn’t grown as well as I would like, as the grass just wasn’t around for him to grow on. The drought did not break until May, which made it even harder for Scooby.  At this point he is not branded as he was not old enough to have this done in May.
He has a wonderful temperament and is easy to do things with. As Scooby is maturing his black base is coming through more and more. He has more black on his face now compared to when he was a few months old.


DayDream Black Pepper….. SOLD
Born October 2015. Black leopard mare. 14.3hh roughly
Sire – DayDream Rock N Roll.  Dam – Marires Black Pearl
Pepper is registered and branded. She has a lovely sweet nature and is waiting to find the right home where she will be loved as much as she is here.  To find the right person whom can expand her knowledge of the world and have her backed.
At this point she is in a herd of 6 horses and Pepper is the leader and is so curious. Always coming up to me when I go in to the paddock.
The only reason she is for sale is that I am a breeder and I only have her sire left as a stallion now.  I just love looking out into the paddock and seeing leopard horses…….especially black leopards. She will be sorely missed

DayDream Calamity Jane – SOLD
Born 2005. Black with blanket mare.  C Grade 15hh
Sire – P & R Dustis Blue Ice.  Dam – Dark Moon.
Jane was halter shown as a yearling.  She has a lovely quite nature and is easy to handle.  She has produced four foals, two blacks, one chestnut and one black leopard filly.


DayDream Rythum n Ice   –   SOLD
Born 2005.  Bay Leopard mare.  C Grade 14.3hh
Sire – P & R Dustis Blue Ice.  Dam – Ka-Dih Barn Song.
Rythum has a lovely quiet nature and is an easy mare to handle.  She has produced two foals, both have very laid back temperaments. See in the Our Latest News page on 23 July 2013 about her daughter.


DayDream Siris Squaw    –    SOLD
Siri is a registered appaloosa B Grade filly. Born 2005. Sire – P&R Dustis Blue Ice.
Dam – KB Carisma. This filly is a must for those who wish to start at the top of the grade.
She is well developed, like her half brother, DayDream KB Casper, and she has lovely paces. She has been a dream to handle.


DayDream Little Diva – SOLD
Diva is an A Grade filly. Born 2011. Sire – DayDream KB Casper.  Dam – DayDream Shadow. As you can see She is a palomino and carries one copy of the cream gene, which she has inherited from her dam.  When born she was a chestnut with a few sprinkles of white on her rump, so she is not a solid coloured appaloosa.  This filly is such a pretty girl, with plenty of intelligence and a lot of character.  She is learning to pick up her feet, tie and lead.  Diva will be available on weaning.


DayDream Miss Muffet – SOLD
Muffet is a B Grade filly. Born 2008.
Sire – DayDream KB Casper.   Dam – Kotuku Nashjingo.


DayDream Royal Flash – SOLD
Flash is C Grade colt. Born 2008.  Sire – Mararoa River Breeze.   Dam – Kotukus Shandiin.


DayDream Stardust – SOLD
Dusti is a registered C Grade palomino leopard colt. Born 2007.  Sire – Rock N Roll Chief. Dam – Scotties Pride N Joy.


DayDream Praire Moon – SOLD
Moon is registered C Grade buckskin fewspot filly. Born 2007.
Sire – Rock N Roll Chief.  Dam – Dark Moon.


DayDream Spotted Bandit – SOLD
Bandit is a registered appaloosa C Grade colt. Born 2005.
Sire – Eagles Bandit.  Dam – Kotuku Shandin.


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