30 August 2021 DD Kawa Honey (aka) Chili

Chili has now matured to 8 yrs old and wow, has she grown into a stunning 16hh mare.
Zania has had Chili for nearly 2 years and is amazed at how she has turned into an exceptional young sports horse. 
Chili and Zania are out there competing across showjumping, dressage and eventing.
Zania says that Chili is the sweetest mare that she has come across. She is bold, kind and always tries her hardest and Zania feels that Chili has her sire’s attitude.

Chili was born a solid chestnut with a fingernail size of white hair on the top of one of her hips and now just look at this wonderful mare. 
Zania has helped her to really blossum and has got herself a really loveable mare in the bargain.

Thank you Zania, for taking such wonderful care of Chili.     It is really lovely to see.


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