7 July 2020 DD Ezy Strider

Shazz is the proud owner of Strider. When she first got him he still had some stallion tendencies. But Shazz put her big hat on, and overcame these obstacles and Strider has now become this really cool laid back appaloosa.
Strider is now backed and is out and about. Shazz is training him for barrel racing and he is coming along really nicely.
Shazz wrote…… We went out pig hunting with some friends and we got a pig. Strider didn’t care at all about the pig. You wouldn’t believe it was his first time with pigs. We rode out with 2 really green horses and they spooked at the pig, but Strider was like – what are you fellas upto, looking at those horses weirdly.
Below is photo of him in a barrel race and don’t they both look FANTASTIC.
Go Shazz and Strider….

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