6 Sept 2016 Spring coming

SPRING is on it’s way….Yehhhhh.   The daffodils on the drive are looking so bright and cheerful, so lovely to see them after the dull winter weather. I picked a bunch and arranged them on the table. See some photos below.
On the drive to and from town, we go past the DOC farm and there are 3 paddocks of ewes that are lambing. It is so cool to watch the lambs frolicking around or feeding off there mums.
The grandchildren have decided not to have calf club calves this year and instead have chosen to have chickens. This is a new adventure for us. We got them when they were only 2 days old and of course all of the cats are fascinated by them. At this point they are in a large container with a heat lamp, as the photos will show.
The infoal mares are getting larger and larger. Only around 4 more weeks to go until foaling time. On getting home tonight from work the 2 yearling fillys were prancing and galloping around and around, heads up and there tails up, what a cool sight. I feel so lucky to be able to see all these wonderful things around me.

Daffs2  Daffs  Chickens  Chickens2




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