6 June 2016 Float loading of weaners

The 2 two fillies have been weaned for 3 weeks now and I have been continuing with there handling on a gradual basis. They now tie up and are getting just great, at having there feet picked up.
The last thing to do today, was to start training them, to load onto the float. I started with Spice, the chestnut leopard. I led her up to the door of the float and she showed no signs of being hesitant, in fact, Spice sniffed the door and practically walked up on her own, with just a little asking from me. I felt so amazed, she is such a treasure.
Next, it was Peppers turn, the black leopard filly. Now Pepper is a bit more anxious, with new things.  I have my 14yr old mare, Missy, in with these weaners as there Aunty.
I asked Missy to stand by the float ramp and asked Pepper to stand by her,  then I moved Missy and that left Pepper with me. She started sniffing the ramp and I knew that she would make the best effort that she could, which is all that I could ask.  And then low and behold with a bit of pressure from me, she just walked right on up and in. I felt so totally amazed. This was a real buzz for me. This is the kind of temperament that I feel so proud of, in my wonderful appaloosas. I have to say, these 2 fillies have been the easiest, that I have handled.  The bloodlines that I have chosen are now creating some very trainable appaloosas.

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