30 March 2019. DD Genie Suprise

Anna rang me, mid January, enquiring about buying a black coloured appaloosa mare. I thought, WOW, I was going to advertise Gennie soon, and so I explained her to Anna. Anna was very keen and on sighting the photo’s that I sent through and giving it all a bit of thought, Anna rang and said, YES I would like to buy her……….
And so began, this lovely journey for Gennie and Anna in Riverton, not far from Invercargill.
Anna was so excited and couldn’t wait to actually meet Gennie.  When she stepped down from the ramp of the truck, Anna was just smitten and couldn’t believe how well Gennie handled all the activity going on around.   The two of them have bonded so well………
Anna is thrilled with Gennie’s lovely nature and her willingness to try new things for her.
I know in my heart that Gennie, going to Anna’s was just meant to be.
Below are some wonderful photos taken of Gennie at her new home.


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