3 July 2016 What a frost

Saturday evening, 2 July, felt rather chilly, so I checked the temperature on the deck, at 10pm, and it read 1 degree.    Oh oh….. could be, in for a good frost the next morning.
And I was right, the temperature on the deck read  -3 degrees at 8am. Everywhere was pearly white. We don’t get too many frosts, like this, here in the north.  This was our 5th frost, for this winter and the first one as heavy as this.
I felt enthused, to take some photos, well, quite a few actually, over the space of an hour or so. The scenery felt so cool and different and was changing as the time crept on, and the sun started coming up.  I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Frost1  Frost2  Frost3  Frost4Frost5  Frost6  Frost7  Frost8Frost9  Frost10  Frost11  Frost12Frost13  Frost15  Frost14  Frost16


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