29 June 2019 DD Siri Squaw

Siri was born in the spring of 2005. She was born chestnut with a delicate lacy blanket on her rump and a blaze. As time rolled on she started to roan out. Now she has roaned out totally, but her face and blaze are still the same.
Over the years, unfortunately, she had several homes.
Then in October 2018 she was put on Trade Me and Jess from Wellington spotted her. After enquiring about Siri, Jess knew that Siri would blossom with her guidance and help and Jess decided to purchase her. The first month Jess spent a lot of time just bonding with Siri and getting her back to health, as she was a bit run down.
After having her for around 8 months, Siri has changed enormously, she is easy to catch and loves going out on rides with Jess, whom is now doing endurance rides.
Thank fully Siri has finally got someone whom will love her and have her best interests at heart……… Thank you Jess.

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