27 April 2016 Horses branded today

On ringing the vets last week, to book in my branding visit,  I learned that Dave Cairns had just retired. Dave has been coming to my property to brand horses every autumn for the last 12 years, since 2004, except for last year, as I chose to take a year off from having foals due to feeling a bit stressed.
My first session of branding with Dave Cairns was a bit of a laugh.  First off, I had a brand made up for my DayDream stud.  It is a double D. I told Dave I had my own stud brand and would he be OK with using it? Should be OK, he said.  He took one look at it and said where on earth did I get this made up? I just laughed at him.
Well the first weanling that we did, I wanted gelded as well.  While the weanling was still asleep, on the ground,  Dave said we should brand him.  Dave was just about to put the hot double D brand on this weanlings shoulder, when I cautioned that the brand was upside down.  No says Dave, it’s up the right way. Ummm, I don’t think so. Yes it is, says Dave. OK I said, lets do it then.  Bammm the brand was burnt in.  After taking it off, I looked and guess what, it was upside down. The look on Dave’s face was just priceless.  That’s OK Dave, I said, we can just lean over the horses wither and look down to see it the right way up.  Haha.   I should have had a bet on it.
Every year we would catch up on what was happening, at that time.
One of my funny stories, which Dave laughed so hard about, was when I told him, how my ex partner turned the water pump on, before he left for work. He wanted to top the heading tank up, up the hill. However he went to work and forgot to turn it off.  On coming home it was discovered that the pump had turned itself off, after pumping all of the water up to the heading tank and this then overflowed onto the ground. We had lost around 10000 litres of water. A bit of a disaster, but after that a safety measure was put in and the overflow was diverted to a second tank. When Dave left that day, he was still shaking his head, after I had told him this story………….

Over the years he has helped me with numerous horse problems, getting teeth done, scanning mares, helping with a colicky horse, taking bloods, helping with cut legs and showing me how to wrap them to avoid proud flesh and of course branding and gelding.
I feel really grateful to Dave, for being very helpful and for taking the time to talk over the phone to me, about any issues….  Now,  we have Sarah, whom was just lovely today and the brandings went off,  with out a single hitch. Sarah also handled, gelding my colt, like a pro.
So, we are now, on to a new path with a new vet to take care of my horse issues.
Thank you Dave Cairns.

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