25 May 2014 – Takoda

Phoebe writes ……….
I can’t believe that Takoda is now over a year old.
He has been such an awesome little guy and a super fast learner. Lots of people remark about him and say how handsome he has become. He is so well mannered and I haven’t had any problems with his behaviour at all.
I have had him ponying off my mare on rides up 90 Mile beach and nothing seams to worry him. The first time I took him out he crossed the river at full tide and went on the road where there were dogs and motor bikes all over the place and he stayed very calm.
I love that he is attention seeking and really wants to be around people, I couldn’t ask for a more loving horse.
So you can probably tell I am very pleased with him and his amazing nature, credit to you and your breeding programme.

Takoda   Takoda2  Takoda3

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