18 June 2018 DD Cool Man (Manni)

Proud owners of Manni – DD Cool Man, a 4 yr old black leopard gelding, Cathrine said ………..
Manni and I have been out hunting every weekend, lately, and he has been loving it. He always has so much energy when it first starts. He has learned so much since we first took him on. Mum and I are so proud of him and love him so much. He is such are darling and gets heaps of comments from people out on the hunt field, about his awesome markings and his gentle nature. We’ve also recently started jumping him on my riding lessons to improve his flat work and correct techniques. I’m so happy with how he has been doing and excited for his further development. He was a little bit shy, at first, about jumping, but now he’s happy to pop over a nice jump in the arena or a log. He is a well loved horse and enjoys his paddock buddy.
DD Manni4  DD Manni2  DD Manni3  DD Manni6
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