18 July 2020 DD Casper & Manni

Cathrine and Sonia are the proud owners of 2 of my black leopards, Manni, who is nearly 7 yrs old now and Casper who is nearly 2 yrs old.
Cathrine wrote…….
Manni and I have been back out hunting again this season. He is an absolute dream and we both love him so much. He flies over every fence with out any worries. He still receives many compliments about how great he is doing. I am very proud of him and the hard work that mum and I, have put into him.
The King Country Hunt held their annual hunter trials, which is a friendly jumping completion with 10 rounds. In one of the rounds, called the handy hunter round, we competed against 24 other horses and came in 2nd equal. I was very excited as I have never competed in any jumping competitions. Manni  is 16hh.
 Cathrine is looking really good on Manni and her style has improved so much.
I am so grateful that Cathrine keeps in touch and sends me photos….

Sonia and Cathrine came up from Te Kuiti a year ago and picked up Casper. He is such a laid back fellow. He had not been on a float before, but we just quietly walked him in and away they went back to Te Kuiti.
Sonia and Cathrine just adore Casper so much as he is such a honey.
As you can see he is well taken care of. He is about 14.3 hh at 18 months old, and still has lots of growing to go.    See photos of him as a foal in the Horse Photo Album.

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