17 Nov 2015 – New foals

I feel terrible, in that I have not updated my website for a while now. I have had, a much needed break from breeding, but am now on my way again. The two foals that I have bred this season are both leopards and I feel so proud of them. See the new photos in the Foal section. The chestnut leopard is very inquisitive and loves having a scratch, while the black leopard is fast on her feet and already is showing the skills to be smart with her decisions.

I feel a bit worried about the weather, as the ground has gone from wet and boggy to bone dry and cracking with in a couple of weeks and it is only November.
My grandchildren have been having great results with showing there calf club calves and have both, got ribbons and trophies from the 3 shows that they have been to.

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