13 July 2014 ApHANZ squashing Grading system

I feel so sad that the Appaloosa Ass of NZ has now voted to have our Grading system stopped. This has been going for at least 12 years and showed roughly how much appaloosa blood your appaloosa actually had in his breeding.
The remit was put forward by the President of ApHANZ and I now wonder what sort of Association we have got for our lovely appaloosas when the President puts forth a remit that will not see the Association moving forward.
The reason behind the remit was – The general public have misunderstood this grading system and seam to think that the lower graded horse is a poorer horse, well in my opinion the lower graded appaloosa does not show as many good traits as the higher graded appaloosa.
More and more outcross appaloosas are being breed now and most of these are solid coloured horses that are being called Appaloosas. Just look at the amount of solid coloured appaloosas now being shown at the so called National Show, it is actually hard to find many coloured appaloosas there, it is all such a cop out.
Another reason put forward was – Other countries do not have this grading system, this is INCORRECT,  as the International Coloured Appaloosa Ass in USA does have a very similar system.
I for one, intend to go on breeding my loud coloured appaloosas which are of the highest grade in NZ, but whether I register them with ApHANZ is yet to be decided, as I am looking at my options.
ApHANZ is not an Association that is moving forward, the website has not been updated for 2 years and the membership is falling away to not much. I feel so disappointed.

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